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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 6, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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inside the stadium minutes after the attack. a.m. adore and -- from the king city area, are behind bars each facing a felony assault charge. a witness says it happened after an argument over who was going to use a stall next. 49er fan charlene kaufman who lives in santa clara says she'd have concerns that the stadium might bring more crime to her community. >> is that part of the outside influence that the stadium brings in? or, i'm glad that there's security that they caught him within minutes. i'm sorry the guy got hurt. i don't ever want to hear about that. >> police are trying to determine what sparked the attack and are hoping some of the witnesses inside the restroom during the assault will come forward to help their investigation. and the 49ers just issued this statement about the attack. it says, "we would like to send our deepest concern and well wishes to the victims of yesterday's incident. we were appalled to see the
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video of the attack on the victims and salute the santa clara police department on their quick response." the niners add that safety here at the stadium is their highest priority. reporting live, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. thank you, marianne. scary moments inside a walmart store. after shots rang out. the bullets from two shoplifters who pulled out guns when a store security officer confronted them. inside the store on davis straight off i-88 0 in san leandro. jodi hernandez joins us live with new details. jodi, were there many customers inside the store at that hour? >> reporter: there were a handful of customers. weep don't know how many customers were inside. but a terrifying situation for everyone inside this store last night. this is where police say two alleged shoplifters put
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customers and workers in extreme danger when bullets started flying. >> that's scary. especially in the walmart store. they need to have like more security or something for that. >> that's how san leandro walmart shoppers are feeling after what started as a petty shoplifting case spun out of control. the store's plainclothes security officers confronted two shoplifters as they tried to leave. when one of the suspects pulled out a gun. >> the multiple gunshots were fired in the store. it was open for business. there were people as well as employees inside. >> so i just heard gunshots in segments, three different pairs of gunshots. >> edgar vega was inside shopping when things went sideways. he and other customers ran for cover in a back room. >> we started to hear people screaming and then we heard them -- more gunshots. that's when we realized that it was real. >> shots were still going off as police arrived and helped
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apprehend the men. one of the alleged shoplifters received minor injuries. police found a second loaded gun inside the suspect's car. they say one more reminder the situation could have turned deadly. >> i'm glad they're caught. but it can happen anywhere. not just walmart. >> reporter: and we're back here live. a spokesperson for walmart says they're grateful that the customers and employees are okay and they're currently reviewing their security measures. meanwhile, the two suspects are in police custody tonight. they face charges of attempted murder, robbery and firearms violations. police tell me that one of the men is a convicted felon. reporting live in san leandro, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. thank you, jodi. now to a developing story on the ebola crisis. the first person to contract the deadly virus outside of africa is now being treated. a nurse in madrid, spain, is reported in stable condition. she was part of the medical team
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that treated the spanish priest who was transported back to spain last month after catching the virus in sierra leone. the priest died within days. the latest american to contract the virus is back on u.s. soil tonight. freelance photographer, ashoka mukpo arrived in nebraska this morning. he was able to walk off the plane and on to a gurney on his own. the 33-year-old is being treated at nebraska medical center, which successfully treated another ebola patient last month. mukpo was diagnosed last week in liberia while working with chief medical correspondent, dr. nancy snyderman but believes he was infected before that. >> he was filming inside the clinic and around the clinic. he had a lot of opportunity to be exposed. he does remember an instance where he was helping spray wash and he might have been splashed. honestly, he's not exactly certain. >> his parents say their son is in good spirits but tired. how would you feel if your boss told you that you could
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break the law and if you got caught, the company would pay the ticket? the investigative unit foind that that's happening with ride service companies like uber and lift at local airports. we're joined with the details on that. >> uber and lift may be shelling out a lot of money to pay these tickets. just since may, around 1,000 ride service drivers have been warned or cited at bay area airports. we've captured drivers on hidden camera telling us that uber and lift told them they can still do business at local airports. state regulators say ride share services cannot conduct business at an airport unless authorized by the airport. taxis and limos are authorized at san francisco and san jose airports, uber x and lift are not. still, drivers we spoke to say the companies told them it's okay to break the law. >> uber pays the ticket? >> i've gotten tickets and they've paid them. >> as of now, should they be operating at the airport?
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>> as of now, according to our rules, they shouldn't be operating at the airport. the airports do cite them. >> we found when airports cited drivers, they've discovered other issues. like drivers with no valid drivers license. no car insurance and others with expired car registration. tonight at 11:00, hear what the ride service are saying about their drivers doing business without proper airport -- alesse kirschner. nbc bay area news. new e-mails are revealing the cozy relationship between pg and e and california regulators. pg and e reported the e-mails violated state rules about communication with the p.u.c. the e-mails found during what was found a voluntary internal review. you may remember that last month, pg and e revealed a stream of secret e-mails between its executives and the p.u.c. some involve the san bruno explosion. the three employees involved are
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no longer with the utility. the investigator unit has been following the story from the start. you can find more stories on our website, nbc bay area,.com. madison bumgarner with a big fielding blunder. his bad throw to third base gave the nationals all the runs they needed. the nationals win 4-1 and live to fight another day. looks like the nationals won't be giving up easily. the giants will have to try again tomorrow to close out their divisional series against washington. nbc bay area's mark matthews is live at at&t park where the game just ended. no sweep for the giants. there will be a game 4 tomorrow, mark. >> that's right. fans walking out of the the stadium, disappointed for many of them, this is the biggest game of the year that they've been able to get to. they came early. >> those who could not get into the stadium watched through the fence. >> i wouldn't miss it. >> matt and his wife jessica wanted to be part of it. >> together we are very giant. go giants. >> that's what they say about that togetherness thing and everybody seems to have their
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own way of contributing. >> oh, yes. i'm careful about what shirt i wear. >> you do the rally cap always. >> loretta wears her lucky ring or lucky necklace and always goes to day games. >> we've won every day game we've been to. >> mark has a ritual. >> it's a little chant. >> lynn rodriguez wears her boa. >> and we have a whole mantle set up at home with all the bobbleheads. >> kind of an altar. >> definitely an altar. >> frank puts the rally cap on his grandson. >> then he hits a home run and we win the game. >> billy barrett wears the same cap, the same socks and brings the same glove to every game. >> are you convinced that the glove, the hat and the socks -- >> ridiculous question. of course. if i wasn't here, they wouldn't win. >> do you do anything? >> i do. >> i wear my giants underwear. >> okay. we have a winner.
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>> game time tomorrow? >> 6:07. go giants. reporting from at&t park. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. i'm scott budman. coming up after the break, a local breakup that brought investors billions of dollars. a new state law will crackdown on fraud at farmers markets. i'm michelle roberts in morgan hill. hear from local farmers and what they think about the new regulations. plus, the supreme court dodges a ruling on same-sex marriage. we'll tell you why that has gay marriage advocates in five states rejoicing. and good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. after quite a bit of october heat, fog is building back in the coastline right now. we'll track what that does for the temperatures coming up in a few minutes. then at 6:00, san jose p.d. is rethinking its relationship with the niners. >> you don't want that
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perception that you're doing something showing favoritism. >> what may have happened in the ray mcdonald case that has the department concerned about its reputation. that's new at 6:00.
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silicon valley breakup is boosting the value of a tech giant's stock. hp will split itself in two. while laying off 5,000 people, though. wall street still cheered the move, boosting hp stock price by 4.5%. it is the second spinoff in silicon valley in a week. as big tech companies look for creative ways to keep investors and employees interest at heart. our nbc bay area tech reporter scott budman is here with the latest business breakup. >> jessica, the revamped hp will be split into two companies, one on pc's and printing, the other
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on business software. the good news, more money for investors. the bad news, more layoffs from hp. we asked why all the breaking up? >> breaking up is getting easier to do in silicon valley. last week, e-bay announcing plans to spin off its paypal division. today hp says it will spin off its printer division. calling the new company hp, inc. all why all the high tech spin? >> it usually leads to a new big company that creates a lot of jobs and wealth. a little bit of money and say go. >> while investors boosted shares of hewlett-packard stock on the news, which comes with 5,000 job cuts, some tech watchers call the move desperate, even a mess. >> no. this is a well-organized mess, i think. sounds good. but the turn around is working and we're going to split it up.
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honestly, i couldn't agree more with roger mcnamee. even splitting up, they face enormous challenges. >> the new company and the printer business will be much cleaner than when they're -- >> hp has been slow in turning itself around after several well-publicized tumbles. now with more job cuts and a plan to split, the company hopes change will come more quickly. >> meg whitman will remain a ceo of the software and services company. hp, inc. will get a new ceo. the layoff total since whitman took over is projected to be at 55,000 people. hp's share price is up by 70% in the last 12 months. janelle? < >> thank you, scott. it is time the november 2014 general election officially kicks off today. vote by mail ballots are on the way to mailboxes of californians. early voting now available at a number of locations, including the registrar of voter's office, as well as san francisco's city
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hall. those voting locations will be open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. one of the most talked about congressional races in the country. long time south bay congressman is facing off. right here in our nbc bay area studios, the two face off in their one and only live debate. raj mathai is moderating and joins us now with a preview. >> good evening, from our debate studios. in just a short while, both candidates will be arriving here at nbc bay area. it's not often a local congressional race gets national attention. that's the case. if you don't live in san jose, sunnyvale, fremont, cupertino and the other cities, this race still impacts you. this is the future of the silicon valley. corporate tax loopholes for tech companies, internet privacy and education funding. this is where a lot of it starts. congressman honda served the south bay for decades in various capacities, the last 14 years in congress. the 73-year-old is seeking an
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eighth term. he's a senior member of the house appropriations committee and secured money for various bay area had projects. he's been endorsed by every major democrat from president obama to nancy pelosi and both of california's senators. he's popular, has no major missteps. will voters want a change? that's where row kana comes in. he's want to be the voice of the silicon valley. he was born and raised in philadelphia but relocated to fremont in 2011. he's looking to win a first elected public office. he's a former commerce department staff member appointed by president obama. he's also endorsed by nearly all of the major bay area newspapers and leaders of dozens of silicon valley companies like google and yahoo. should be fascinating to see how this all unfolds. their one and only live debate tonight right here on nbc bay area at 6:30. we hope you tune in. thank you very much, raj. see you in a little bit.
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are the cherries the real thing? what about thericoapricots, are they homegrown? making sure the produce you buy is really coming from local farms. we're live in morgan hill where farmers with hoping that it will benefit the family farm. >> reporter: that's right. i'm here at andy's orchard. they grow a variety of things, including peaches and plums and sell them at farmers markets in california. starting in january, farmers will have to pay a little bit more from 60 cents to $2 to participate in the farmers markets and the money will be spent to crackdown on people claiming to grow when they're not really doing it. >> there's another huge block of cherries. >> ken brown is a third-generation farmer in morgan hill. the last plums of the season are still on sale at his country store. >> i thits important for the consumer to know they're not
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being bamboozled at a farmers market. >> in 2010, an undercover investigation caught a farmers market vendor loading up his truck with produce from big commercial farms, some as far away as mexico. ken says it happens more often than many shoppers realize. >> dried turkish apricots, saying they grow them in the valley. that's not possible. >> a new law going into effect in january will crackdown on the phonies. farmers will have to prove to inspectors where their food is grown. >> this is what day it's harvested. this is what the enforcement has to work off of. >> shoppers will notice signs we grow what we sell. any lying could be hit with a $2500 fine and spend up to six months behind bars. >> these are a little bit more -- they're swollen right here. >> rich marriotti, ii specializes in cherries. you should be able to answer
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questions about where it's harvested. >> if it doesn't look like it grows in the area and not in season, the best bet is probably walk away. >> reporter: there are more than 800 certified farmers markets in california and even when the inspectors are out there, farmers say the best thing to do is ask questions to make sure you really are getting the best produce. reporting live in morgan hill, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, michelle. >> let's switch to our forecast. we've got relief finally. let's get a check of the forecast with jeff ranieri. >> it has been too hot the past couple of days. still up to 99 degrees in dublin, mill valley 96. san jose had cooling with the 89. half moon bay, down to 66 degrees. off shore wind is gradually returning. as you'll see in the seven-day ticker. that's going to mean substantial changes as we head into thursday. looking outside, 85 and sunny skies in the north bay. it's going to be a mild night if you're headed out this evening
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for dinner, let's say, outside. might not be a bad idea. you won't need the jacket. along the east shore, 81 degrees and warm. throughout the peninsula, 822 as well. the south bay, the sunsets. again, looking fantastic. so we're now on day 4 of this heat. what is going to break this heat finally for us? >> we've got high pressure sitting across most of california still at this point. a lot of hot air with it. that's going to push off toward the east heading throughout tomorrow. it's going to make way for more of the on-shore flow to get the temperatures down. it's not going to be super substantial tomorrow. i think the coastline, 50s and 60s there. the interior valleys, more 80 s than 90s. we'll have, again, isolated 90s in that forecast. let's take you into the micro climate forecast. you can see tuesday, sunny skies. temperatures down a few degrees. it will be enough that you'll notice it. it's just not going to be october kind of cool weather and no way, no how any kind of
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raindrops coming our way throughout tuesday. 88 for tuesday san jose. 91 in morgan hill. 69 in pacifica and san francisco near the coastline, the avenues, we'll have 60s there. downtown tomorrow, it's going to be another mild day for us with 7 3 and sunny skies. no fog in the afternoon. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, we'll get out of the mid 90s for napa. going to 90 degrees. beautiful day in sausalito with 77. after the tri-valley, instead of upper 90s, we've got low 90s coming back. cooler for tomorrow and then as we head throughout each and every day up until thursday, temperatures will gradually drop off. this is it. by thursday's forecast, 84 degrees expected inland and at the coastline, 67. i'd say this is it because that 84 on thursday will be the coolest this week. after that, by this weekend, sorry to say this, folks, it's going to get hotter again. upper 80s in the south bay by the weekend. san francisco, more 80 s.
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for the tri-valley, low and mid-90s. that includes the north bay. we need rainfall to move in. by next week, cooler weather and maybe a few showers from october 15 th through the 20th. we'll be tracking it all of course at >> thanks, jeff. coming up, san francisco police hope this new surveillance video will help catch the suspect in a sexual assault. texting for help. a new law that will let you use your fingers to do the talking when you're in need.
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i'm br new surveillance video that may provide clues into a late night sexual assault in san francisco. police say the female victim was walking alone in the mission district friday about 1:00 in the morning. seconds later, the suspect
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crosses to her side of the street. there you see him there on the right-hand side. after they disappear off screen, the victim says the suspect lifted up her dress and grabbed her. she screamed and the suspect then fled the area. he's described as a hispanic man, 5'6", 150 pounds. a legal surprise in washington today. a silence from the -- expanded same-sex marriage to several states. the supreme court refused to hear case frs five states seeking a ban on same-sex marriages. the court's decision issued without ex planation will lead to the recognition of gay marriage in more states. however, no supreme court ruling means states can still ban gay marriage and lower courts can still uphold those bans so the ishe issue is still not officially settled. soon be able to text 911 as well as call that emergency number. the new law signed bit governor is intended to help people quietly reach 911.
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for instance, domestic violence victims, people with a burglar or hiding from a gunman. users can send video and pictures to 91 1 operators as well. this will start in january. the state is expected to start upgrading call centers with the technology, but it could be years before all the centers in the state can handle those texts. coming up. the blue angels are back in the air. when you can see them take to bay area skies. that's next. hey john check it out. whoa! yeah i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv and the tablet worked just fine but i wanted to see if the phone will work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel's live just like on tv but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here.
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watch any channel live on any device around your home. the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity. trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth:
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46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46. want to show you a live look into our studio where the debate
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tonight between congressman mike honda and rho kan a will be held. it's set for 6:30 and moderated by raj mathai. you don't want to miss it. it's the only live debate in the 17th congressional district race. finally tonight, the blue angels are back. they had a one-year hiatus due to the federal shutdown. today we caught one of them flying over the bay area. the pilot will perform with five other blue angels in the airial displays they've done since 1946. the blue angels will practice over san francisco on thursday and friday and catch the free shows this weekend along the embarcadero over the marina. >> the blue angels and nice and warm, too. >> i know. probably record viewing with those off-shore winds. the blue skies. going to be incredible this weekend. take you out to the micro climate forecast. little cooler for napa.
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90 degrees. hot inland for the tri-valley with low 90 s as well. >> thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. remember, you can always find us online at bye. on our broadcast tonight, rescue mission. another american with ebola back in the u.s. tonight, and there are new questions about this country's emergency response as we get late word new screening measures are on the way. the surprise move at the supreme court that just cleared the way for gay marriage in a lot more states, and weddings are already under way. american isis. a teenager grabbed by the feds at o'hare in chicago minutes before they say he was to board a flight overseas to fight for the enemy. and opening day. on the playground, our "making a difference" report about bringing smiles to a lot of kids and parents, because we could all use one right about now. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this


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